Top reasons why you should adopt a rescue

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Kimberly, creator of Canine Crazies

Well, we did it! We adopted a rescue!  Why you should adopt a rescue? So many reasons! Now that it’s been a year since the loss of the beloved beagle, it’s now time we adopt another fur baby. Over the past few months, we knew we were ready. It was just a matter of time. Moving into a new home with a bigger yard and finding the perfect dog.

Why should you adopt a rescue?

Thank you WAMAL with all my heart. He is the perfect pup for our family!

When my beloved and I discussed what type of dog we wanted, we knew it had to be a snow dog. We are both huge fans of the breeds and  we needed a dog who could keep up with Koda’s high energy spirit. Male, preferably under a year. Young enough to where we hoped that Koda would Mama it.

Most importantly, we did not want her to feel threatened by another female to female dog in the home. Unlike her transition at home, we wanted to eliminate as much inter-dog aggression as possible.

As I was casually looking, I stumbled across this beautiful boy named Bear. He looked perfect. A mix between a malamute and a husky with a little German Shepard. Based on his pictures, He looked like a belly dog. (aka: loved belly rubs). A bit of a depy face with 1 ear bent. We had to go meet the pup! So I applied to the Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League and we waited….

Although the wait time was several weeks before we conducted a home interview over the phone, to me it was worth it. I didn’t want any dog. I wanted the right one for our family. I truly appreciated the volunteers taking the time to talk with the future pup parents to evaluate our home and our lifestyle to make sure it was the right fit. They gave me what they knew of Bear – as he was taken from one rescue (Hope 4 Huskies), he later transferred to WAMAL.

He was living with 3 foster huskies and a very kind family to teach him the ropes. The fact he was well taken care of was very reassuring. On November 6, we went for a meet and greet. Although I was nervous on how Koda would react – she instantly took to Bear!  They were inquisitive and playing. Since the meet and greet went well, we took Bear Bear home for a 3 week trial period.

How have my Idiot Balls of Fluff been adjusting? Amazingly! Sure they had a few squabbles learning their boundaries with one another. However, with the 1/2 of acre to run, they have been digging holes like snow dogs do. Coming in covered in mud but learning to get along. Their favorite place is to sleep together in the den. It’s been sooo nice seeing Koda finally tap into her inner snow dog. As a pup who has either lived alone or with a senior beagle, she really needed a new best friend.

I have never adopted a dog from a rescue. Both Koda and Winnie girl were Craigslist pups – came from the previous owners directly. Life situations happened they could no longer provide care. Rescues do have their own policies. To me what it shows is how much they spend truly caring for these animals. There are so many reasons why you should adopt a rescue. Here are my top ones

Why you should adopt a rescue?

You save a life

By adopting from a rescue you are giving an animal a second chance at life. Many dogs are abandoned every day to shelters where they face euthanasia due to overcrowding an lack of resources. for every dog you adopt from a rescue, you are making room for more dogs to receive the care they desperately need while they find their forever home.

Cost effective

Adoption fees from shelters are often much lower than purchasing from breeders or pet stores. Many rescue animals receive medical care, vaccinations and evaluations before adoptions. You will often know more about their health and temperament compared to buying from other means.

Unique personalities

Rescues do their very best finding the right home for the right dog. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want a playful companion or a mellow friend. Through their behavioral assessments and trial period, the success rate is higher you will receive the right match for your family. It takes careful planning and responsible dog ownership, when you adopt. Knowing the personality truly helps.

Supporting a Cause

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Founded by my late Aunt, I honor many rescues who give so much to pups in need

As most are volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to the welfare of animals, you are helping organizations continue to do their work. My Aunt was one of the founders of RSVP, Inc, an animal welfare and rescue group helping New York Long Island Pets in Need. Through listening to her stories as a child, I know how much people who support this mission truly have heart.

If you can’t adopt, please consider donation. Every penny goes to providing service for our four legged friends in need. To learn more about the rescues near and dear to my heart, please visit the following:

Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League 

Hope 4 Huskies

RSVP, Inc  

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