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Why You Should Walk Your Dog

One of my favorite past times with my two Idiot Balls of Fluff are going on long sniff walks. It’s good for our souls and spirit. I will admit. I don’t walk the dog enough. Between walking up at 6am for my first job, nap time and then crafting for canines until 12am, there just…

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Top reasons why you should adopt a rescue

Well, we did it! We adopted a rescue!  Why you should adopt a rescue? So many reasons! Now that it’s been a year since the loss of the beloved beagle, it’s now time we adopt another fur baby. Over the past few months, we knew we were ready. It was just a matter of time….

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Pumpkin Pie Dog Treats

Fall season is a time of cooler weather, outdoor activities, harvest festivals and pumpkins! As a October baby, it has always been my favorite time of year. Although I grew up in Arizona and raised my children in Southern California, I never experienced seasons unless we traveled. Now living in Washington State,  I am now…

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DIY Halloween Dog Costumes

As an October baby, I LOVE Halloween. Since my birthday is 1 week before All Hallow’s Eve, growing up my mother would host amazing Halloween themed birthday parties. Nothing to me is more magical than carving pumpkins. Although I am not a huge jump scare fan, I appreciate cute decor and fall leaves. My love…

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Summer Fun With Your Dog

Summer is always one of my favorite times a year. Growing up as a kid in Arizona, our Summer meant pool time, catching fish in the lake and long walks on the golf course playing in the sprinklers. We always included the family dog in our adventures. As I raised my family, we had many…

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National Doughnut Day!

Ohhh doughnuts! An American tradition that we all love and adore. To celebrate National Doughnut Day, I made peanut butter and bacon treats just for my Koda girl. Also a special toy just for this occasion. History of National Doughnut Day In researching about the history of National Doughnut day, I did not realize they…

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Celebrating St Patrick’s Day with Your Lucky Pup

Every year we take a moment to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Although my heritage is from Thailand, my son’s Father’s side is Irish. His great grandfather, Jacko Conlan (amazon.com) was 2nd generation Irish American.  Outfielder for the Chicago White Sox, and in the Baseball Hall of Fame, on St Patrick’s day, we celebrate his family’s…