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Kimberly, creator of Canine Crazies and Victoria, writer and story teller

Dogs are amazing creatures. You’ve probably already heard that August 26th is National Dog Day, and you’re no doubt planning to celebrate it with your furry friend, but did you know that the holiday has actually been in existence since 2004? It’s easy to see why this day has become such a popular celebration among dog owners – if you love your dog, what could be more fun than celebrating together on National Dog Day? From pugs to dachshunds, pit bulls to poodles, we’re all aware of the unique personalities these pets possess and how much they mean to us.

History of National Dog Day

First established in 2004 by pet advocate and family lifestyle expert, Colleen Paige, this day serves to raise awareness of the needs to adopt our four legged friends. Aug 26 was a special day for her as it was when she adopted her sheltie as a child. In 2013, the holiday was written into the NY Legislation. Colleen not only founded National Dog Day but also other holidays such as National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day and National Cat Day.

What is the purpose of National Dog Day?

National dog day isn’t just a day to celebrate your pet. The mission of National Dog Day is to help bring public awareness to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year and acknowledges family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives. From personal protection, for law enforcement, for the disabled, safety by detecting bombs and drugs and pulling victims of tragedy from wreckage, dogs are invaluable creatures that enrich our lives every day.

Ways to a celebrate National Dog Day: Support your local animal shelter!

Winnie and Georgie. Dogs and cats can be friends right?

For the past 20 years, I am a big proponent of supporting animal organizations and rescues. Animals of all types need the kindness and compassion of humans.  My first experience working with a shelter was when I was 20 while still in the Navy. Located at Paws of Bremerton in Washington   my job was to clean cages and provide social interactions with cats. As a result, I adopted what I never thought I would own: a cat. Georgie lived with me for 19 years! Although she passed in 2016, she was my first beloved pet. We moved coast to coast, from Seattle to Florida. Back to my home state of Arizona and then her final resting place in San Diego where she passed peacefully in our backyard.

My daughter Victoria, volunteer at Helen Woodward Animal Center

In addition, my daughter volunteered at Helen Woodward Animal Center after struggling with anxiety that lead her to leave college. I wanted her in a calm place that soothed her soul. During COVID, her time at the center allowed her to stay active and involved with the community. During the time at Helen Woodward Animal Shelter located in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, she learned the importance of having heart for all types of animals. She worked in the cat room as well as walked dogs to ensure they were exercised and stimulated. From the beginning, I was impressed with the large range of services they provide to the community such as adoptions, meals for homeless pets, boarding, workshops for shelters, pet hospital, educational outreach, equine hospital, and pet therapy. As a adult with Autism, I was deeply grateful for supportive staff, training and opportunity to gain hands on learning to develop work experience while volunteering with adoptions and boarding.

The love of animals runs strong as our family legacy. In 1996, my favorite aunt, Michelle Walton, was a founding member of Riverside Shelter Volunteer Program in New York by actively walking dogs, providing enrichment socialization, and promoting adoptions.  Later DBA as RSVP inc, this organization is dedicated to improving lives of companion animals while enhancing the communities in which they live by providing low-cost and free spay/neuter assistance, rescue & adoption services, pet care education and continued oversight and support as needed for responsible pet ownership. From conversations with her over the years, I know she adored the work of rescuing and helping animals.  Although her passing in 2017 saddened me, her legacy and her heart inspires me. She was my greatest family roll model. 

Today – Canine Crazies has offered donation puppy baskets to important organizations such as The San Diego Zoo and Amazing Strays Rescues for their fundraisers. If you donate to your local animal shelter, volunteer or even adopt a dog, by supporting your local animal shelter, you are saving lives for all of our four legged friends.

How Canine Crazies is honoring National Dog Day

Here at Canine Crazies, we love dogs of all shapes and sizes. No matter the age, breed, temperament or personality, dogs being us joy, laughter, happiness and love. To celebrate our love for our four legged friends, over the next few months we will be showcase 100 Days of Dogs: a dog blog series of the top favorite breeds!

Join Canine Crazies for 100 days of dogs!

If you would like to be featured on our dog blog for your breed, please send me an email at hello@caninecrazies.com or a DM on Instagram or Facebook! All posts will be promoted on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Please provide:

– Dogs name
– Breed type
– Small bio about your pup
– Picture of your pup
– Link to your dogs Instagram (if available)

In return, Canine crazies will send you a coupon for 5O% off your next online order with free shipping. The coupon will not have an expiration date. I will be launching new products after my relocation to Washington State which will be a perfect time for this special offer before the holidays!

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Victoria, writer and story teller
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Throughout her life with Autism, Victoria has a strong bond with the animals. Her love of creatures is her therapy and aid that guides her in communication. Her sketch work, digital art and short stories are all animal inspired. Creative and visionary, she's enjoys imagi a world where human and animals are one. As a co-author, researcher and lead editor for Canine Crazies, she indulges in learning more about the amazing world of canines.

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