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Kimberly, creator of Canine Crazies

I’m ridiculous. Really ridiculous. For the last 2 weeks I have been soooo excited today. It’s National Squirrel Appreciation Day! A day that only I would care about. But squirrels are my spirit animal and a favorite creature outside of dogs.

In 2001, wildlife rehabilitation specialist, Christy Hargrove, founded National Squirrel Appreciation Day. She created this day to encourage the love for our busy tailed friends by setting out food and water. She also allowed them to play with bird feeders. Since squirrels can get a bad rap as being pesky little creatures, she wanted to bring forward compassion towards these adorable rodents.


A gift from my friend. She knows me soooo well!

My love of squirrels runs deep. I can relate to them in many ways. I have learned many things through watching and reading about squirrels. In fact my beloved human tells me all the time, I have squirrel brain. My dearest friend also gave me this t-shirt because it reminded her so much of me. To me squirrels possess some of the greatest qualities of life. Inquisitive, curious, high energy, kind, feisty and playful. Kind of like the Idiot Ball of Fluff, my husky, I adore creatures with a zest for life.

Today on Canines Crazies in the Den,  I shared with my pack all of the reasons why I adore squirrels. Also I baked a recipe for peanut butter squirrel cookies! The den is my Facebook group where I share with you silly stuff all about dogs. From cooking Lives, Live sales and sharing canine content that will make you laugh. Dogs are derpy, beloved creatures that allow us to connect at the heart. So why not celebrate the love of our fur baby friends together as a community.

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Why do I love Squirrels?

Squirrels are High Energy

Squirrels are known for their energy and activity. They scurry up trees, leap from branch to branch, and seem to have an inexhaustible supply of energy. Whether running, jumping, or climbing, squirrels can move quickly and with agility. Squirrels are also known for their strength, which allows them to carry heavy objects, such as nuts. The high energy of a squirrel makes it an exciting sight to see in nature. Just like huskies with their “run for miles” energy and zoomies at the most unexpected time, high energy creatures make me laugh and re-energize me.

I too am known for my never ending energy. Since my 20s I have always had a side hustle (or 3). May it be reselling on Amazon, Ebay or a delivery driver on top of an already demanding job, I am a serial entrepreneur. It started at a young age selling golf balls and watching my parents have different businesses.  I will ALWAYS have hustle. Although I will admit in all of the side gigs I have done my doggie business is by far my favorite one.


Kicking it in my squirrel onesie at  Canine Crazies in the Den! A Facebook group where we talk about all things dog!

Squirrels aren’t afraid to speak up and will tell you off

Never underestimate a squirrel. If you’ve ever spent time around squirrels, then you know that they aren’t afraid to make their presence known. They will readily call out when they feel threatened or want to mark their territory. Squirrels use a variety of vocalizations to communicate with each other, including chirping, squeaking, and scolding noises. They’ll also chatter their teeth together to make a warning noise when they feel threatened. They’re not afraid to confront predators and will often chase them away if they come too close.  Although they are small in statue, squirrels define little but mighty.  Just like a husky, who will bark, talk back and not listen, having the strong but independent voice is something I dearly respect. For years I have struggled to find my own voice, but now in my almost 50s, I stopped caring. I will blurt out things and not hold back.

Squirrels are OCD

One interesting fact I found about squirrels is how they are even more organized than humans. In a study  published today in the Journal Royal Society Open Science, researchers at the University of Berkeley present evidence that eastern fox squirrels. These squirrels organize the 3,000-10,000 nuts they stockpile each year by variety, quality, and possibly even personal preference. Under certain conditions, the squirrels may even use a complex cognitive strategy called “chunking” to organize their stash.  That’s nutty! If only I could get a squirrel to organize my house. hahaha.  As a data analyst at heart, I apart of this love is organizing. Making sense of a stock pile of “stuff” to make it useful to those around me. I can look and analyze my “nuts” of data all day long.

black squirrel bandana back

Every dog loves squirrels! Canine Crazies Squirrel collections are a fun way to celebrate your dog’s favorite friend

Squirrels are adaptable and many different types of environments

Squirrels are incredibly adaptive creatures, and this adaptability has allowed them to thrive in a variety of habitats around the world. They are able to modify their behaviors and diets to survive in different environments. They are also capable of quickly adapting to changes in their environment, such as an increase or decrease in food availability, new predators, and seasonal changes. squirrels have an uncanny ability to climb trees, thanks to their sharp claws, strong hind legs, and long bushy tails that act as counterbalances. They also have excellent senses of smell and hearing which help them detect danger. This adaptability has helped squirrels survive and thrive in almost every corner of the globe. Whether it’s living in forests, parks, urban areas or even deserts, squirrels have managed to make their home wherever there’s food.

In life we can’t ever predict change. I am a big believer in how successful you is contingent on how you can overcome obstacles. Financial, relationship or even the loss of a dog. Life throws us curve balls.  We all have  our .  What matters is if we roll in it or use it as fertilizer. So be like a squirrel. Adapt, adjust and overcome!

Squirrels are big eaters

I like food. I REALLY like food. If it was a choice between dieting and exercise, I would rather exert more energy than limit myself. Most species of squirrels mainly eat plants and nuts, such as acorns, pine nuts, and hickory nuts. They also enjoy fruits and vegetables, including apples, strawberries, and corn on the cob. In addition, they will occasionally eat insects, small birds, eggs, and even small rodents! Squirrels need to consume a great deal of food in order to build up enough fat to survive the winter. So if a squirrel can get fluffy during the winter, it’s ok if I do too.

Squirrels have happy accidents

Squirrels play an important role in the reforestation of forests. Although it is not intentional on their part, when squirrels bury and forget nuts, they inadvertently create new trees. The nut is eventually broken down into the soil and creates a new sapling. Some scientists have even calculated that without squirrels, there would be significantly fewer trees than there are today. In addition, squirrels also help other plants to survive by burying the fruits, vegetables and nuts that they eat in the ground. This practice helps to spread the plant’s seeds and helps them to grow in different areas.  I love the fact that these happy accidents squirrels make are a GOOD THING. Like crafting and life, humans make happy accidents too. It’s how we learn and grow.


My nutty family. My daughter and the friends I’ve adopted like a squirrel Mama.

Squirrels are compassionate creatures

In a study by Guelph Prof. Andrew McAdam, along with researchers from the University of Alberta and McGill University, revealed that red squirrels will adopt pups that have lost their mother. This touches my heart. As my children grew up, I’ve “adopted” many young people. I knew friends were important to them, so therefore they became important to me. As I was adopted from Bangkok Thailand, you don’t need to be the same blood to be family.

I think like a squirrel and I see them everywhere!

I can be a bit like a dog.  I LOVE chasing squirrels. Squirrels to me are projects, new things to make, new marketing strategies and random thoughts throughout the day. I have a bad case of active brain syndrome. I can get fixated on one thing that nothing matters.  Sometimes unintentionally I can completely lose train of through in a conversation and be lost in my own head. Brain squirrels can be a curse and blessing…. but I won’t ever stop chasing!

To think like a squirrel means that you plan ahead, your bold and perseverant. Not afraid to take risks. Most importantly not afraid to love those around you. So embrace the squirrels around you!  Celebrate silliness. No matter how old you are, there is always energy for more. You just have to find it. It’s the core of creativity and happiness.

squirrel cookies

Did someone say Squirrel Cookies?

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Visit to purchase your squirrel cookie cutter! (affiliate link)

Dogs love squirrels. Although for husky girl, her prey drive overexcites her and she wants to chase. I thought we might go squirrel hunting by a walk in big treats in WA. Since it was raining, I came up with the next best thing. Squirrel Cookies!! Since Koda would kill a squirrel if she got the chance, why not give her something else to eat to honor this nutty kind of day. Using an easy peanut butter dog bone recipe, I showed everyone how they too can make pup friendly cookies in the shape dogs absolutely love. After searching on Amazon, I came across this inexpensive squirrel cookie cutter. It was a MUST HAVE!

So thank you squirrels for being adorable fluffy tailed friends that make our world a better place. Dogs love you. People should too.

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Come join Canine Crazies and our dog loving community at Canine Crazies in the Den. Recipes like this will be made with more stupid dog fun! Let’s bond, connect, share and laugh about the love of our dogs.

Peanut Butter Squirrel Dog Cookies

Easy recipe for every dog who loves squirrels! To honor National Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21, this doggie treat is fun special treat that dogs will love. No need to worry about your dog chasing and catching squirrels. Give them a cookie instead.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time30 mins


  • 1 Bowl
  • 1 Cup measure
  • 1 spoon


  • 2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter without Xylitol
  • 2 each eggs
  • 1/4 cup apple sauce no sugar
  • 1/4 cup water


  • Preheat oven 350 degrees
  • mix whole wheat flour, peanut butter, eggs and apple sauce.
  • slowly add water to achieve a sticky consistency
  • flour surface. with a rolling pin, roll until 1/4 inch
  • cut out with a squirrel cookie cutter
  • bake for 15-20 min until dried but not burnt
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