10 Reasons to be Thankful for Dogs

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Kimberly, creator of Canine Crazies
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Our Thanksgiving tradition: Salisbury Steak

Thanksgiving: A day to be thankful for dogs and your family

Today is one of my favorite times of year. Not only am I thankful for dogs, it’s the time where we slow it down, cook delicious food and spend time with family. As a national holiday honored every 4th Thursday in November, it a time to celebrate the blessings of the past year. As an American tradition started by colonist in Plymouth Massachusetts and the Wampanoag Indian tribe in 1621, families carry on this tradition with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

Previous Thanksgivings in my family haven’t always been the easiest. There have been times where we couldn’t even afford a turkey. Yet, we created our own Thanksgiving tradition with Salisbury steak and enjoyed our times together. The spirit of Thanksgiving isn’t what you do. It’s not about the perfect meal or a beautiful table spread. It’s about taking a moment to be grateful for the things life provides you. Food on the table, a roof over your head, people and the creatures that provide you comfort and love.

My two idiot balls of fluff are a big part of my heart and family. A sense of comfort and healthy distraction. A companion and friend. Before I break out the apron, I wanted to share with you 10 reasons why I am thankful for dogs.

Reasons to be Thankful for Dogs

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You can’t just take 1 picture

Dogs make you laugh

From their goofy faces to the stupid things they do. I can’t help but to take 1001 pictures of my girls because of their adorable cuteness they give me every day

Dogs Inspire you

Canine Crazies was born out of my love for my own pets. Initially I started baking but later that lead to creating a solution for my hot mess of a husky. During COVID we didn’t get out as much as she should. Her rambunctious nature kept destroying things around the house. So i decided to learn about how to make her dog enrichment toys to burn off her hyper active activity. Do we still have occasional moments of her getting into things she shouldn’t? You bet! But I will admit now that she has a never ending supply of things to play with, it’s less and less.

Dogs the best shoulders to cry on

My girls are very sensitive to my moods. When Mama is crying, they run over to me and give me the look of “Oh. no. what’s wrong Mama? Here let me lick your face”

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Our happy place: a walk on the beach

Dogs make you stop to get some fresh air

Most days I am banging at my computer during the day and craft in the evenings. Often times I forget to leave the house. Yet, having a dog means you must get them exercise. A walk around the block or a bike to the store. They are so excited when we take a moment to smell the world. It’s good for hoomans to do the same. A 30 min walk can do wonders for your mental health and sanity.

Dogs don’t judge

No make up, my hair in a bun or clothes that don’t match… my girls could care less. They are just happy to be by my side. I don’t need to impress them or be perfect. I can be uniquely me and they love me for it.

Dogs are the best at welcoming you home

Everyone wants to feel like you’ve been missed at times. When I travel or leave to take the take out the trash, they are always so excited when you come back home. Now with older kids, there are times when no one is home. Between their work and activities, it’s nice to know I have two very excited greeters at the door. Life never gets lonely.

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Just love us Mom

Dogs remind you it’s the simple things that matter

Unlike hoomans, dogs aren’t complicated. A nice bed to relax on, food, cuddles and love.

Dogs are great listeners and friends

Hoomans lives are crazy. Between work, family obligations and other “stuff”, we often don’t get to spend time with our friends as much as we like. Although I am grateful for the moments I can share a glass of wine and a laugh with my best friends, my girls are always there for me. They are never too busy or tell you to handle your own life. Like my hooman friends, they can’t fix my problems, but I can talk my dogs anytime I need.

Dogs get you through the toughest times

It’s funny, I adopted both my girls during times I needed the most. When low points hit, 4 legged friends are the best medicine a girl can have. They have kept my spirit high and filled my heart with unconditional love. I’ve often felt when curve balls hit, the best thing you can do is to simply love harder.

Dogs help you make friends

Talk to me about politics. Forget it. Talk to me about dogs, I’ll talk your ear off. Though dogs I have been blessed to have met some of the most amazing hoomans. From customers who I meet at craft shows or people at the dog parks.  Dogs are a topic that creates connection and community. They bring family closer and friends together.

So thank you Koda girl, Winnie dog, and Bruno the Dog Prop  Most importantly, I’m very thankful for dogs I have been blessed to meet. I hope you all get a chance to indulge in a little turkey today because you too deserve a special treat. ♥

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