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Rancho PenasquitosMush, hike let’s go! One of my favorite hikes is one very close to my home is Los Penasquitos Canyon trail. Only a mile away from my home, husky girl and I visit this trail often. Los Penasquitos Canyon preserve is 4,000 acres of lush landscape, wildlife and natural beauty both dog and family friendly. This trail is rated EASY, according to alltrails.com.

The Trail

When husky girl and I set out on our adventures, we always take the trail at Camino Ruiz neighborhood park. Next to the baseball fields, there is an entrance to the Camino Ruiz trail head that connects with Los Penesquitos Canyon trail about a mile hike down the hill. The park usually has plenty of parking. With only a few steep places, the trail is well maintained with bushes and trees surrounding us giving lots of shade. One of the greatest things about about hiking with a dog, like a husky is even when you are tired, they aren’t. Husky girl is an excellent motivator pulling me back up the hill!

Once you reach to the bottom, turn left and head out towards the waterfall. What I really enjoy about this leisurely hike is all of the little spots to play in the water, rest in shade, and just enjoy the nature. Surrounded by a grove of mystical sycamore and gigantic California oak, we occasionally take a quick rest to have her enjoy the smells and sounds. Personally, I enjoy early mornings where there are less humans, but evenings are nice too. Depending upon the season, will determine what type of nature you might encounter. There are times where the trails are blocked due to flooding, so be aware of closures. Last time we went, we did find a wild flower patch that of course, husky girl had to take a little bounce.

Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail is also our training ground for the Dog Mom 5K 10K. As the tail is relatively flat on a dirt path, it’s easy on my knees when running. Although I take as shorter trail, if you are an experienced runner, the entire trail is about 12 miles.  On your way back from the waterfall at trail-end, one notable feature is Carson’s Crossing, a bridge over the creek—it runs through a lush sycamore grove. I appreciate when we do take breaks Husky girl can stop to explore. With shade throughout the canyon, it’s my favorite place to go for a run. 

Word of caution: since this trail is in the preserve, be cautious of poison oak, rattle snakes and ticks. Also be mindful of deer, bobcat, coyote, and raccoons. Since this is a popular trail, always keep your dog on leash.



The Waterfall

The best part of this hike at Los Penasquitos Canyon trail, is a lovely natural waterfall surrounded by volcanic rock. The hike down to the waterfall is a bit narrow but thankfully there are stairs to follow. Shallow enough for kids to play, husky girl to cool off. We did see a few fish and some frogs. As I sat on a rock listening to the babbling cascade of the waterfalls, she decided, it was a GREAT idea to come and climb 4 feet up a rock to come sit on my lap. Really dog? NOW you want to sit on me?

More info about Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail

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Take a moment to explore this hidden get away in Central San Diego. Like always, leave nothing but paw prints.

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