Merry Christmas Snuffle Ball


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Dog Dollars

Wish your doggie a happy holidays with this colorful red and green ball.  Add some treats and hang it on the tree for a special gift to give to your pooch.



A snuffle ball will provide hours of fun for your dog! Made with an official JW Hol-ee Roller and fleece strips, this ball is an irresistible toy. Similar to a snuffle mat, it creates an interactive toy for your pet. Stuff it full of treats, roll it around, bounce it, or play tug, this mental exercise will help your dog develop problem-solving skills as they are rewarded when they remove the treats.

Our snuffle balls come in 2 different sizes.

Small: 3.5” caged rubber ball with 1-3 inches of fleece (small to medium dogs)
Large: 5″ caged rubber ball with 1-3 inches of fleece (medium to large dogs)

How to use:

1. Start by inserting a few treats such as small treats or kibble inside the ball.

2. The fleece can be arranged to face inside the holes or outside depending upon the level of challenge you want to give to your dog.

Cleaning and Care

Since the balls are made with rubber, hand wash and let air dry. Always use supervision and put away when not in use.


non toxic, durable 100% natural rubber and fleece

Additional information

Weight 12 oz

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Mini, Small