Custom Large Fleece Dog Tug Ropes


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Dog Dollars

Our large sized fleece dog ropes are perfect for larger size dogs. Rope are from 20″ – 25″  measured from tip to tip.

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Fleece tug ropes are a great outlet and way for dogs to learn impulse control. These stretchy tug toys are a perfect bonding activity with you or another pet. Excellent for puppies or dogs with sensitive teeth as the fabric is very soft.

Our fleece tug ropes come in multiple sizes, colors and shapes. Handwoven made with 8 strips of no-pill fleece fabric. They come in two different weave styles, Spiral Knot and a square knot. Each fleece strip is pulled tight minimizing gaps for long lasting fun.

Cleaning and Care

These tug toys can be machine washed/dried.

How It’s Made

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Weight 3.5 oz