RewardsKimberly, creator of Canine Crazies

Welcome to Canine Crazies Rewards! To show my appreciation to my loyal doggie customers, you can earn rewards with every purchase.

How do I register for Canine Crazies Rewards? 

You can register 3 ways for Canine Crazies rewards. There is no cost for registration.

🐾  Select “Sign up for Rewards” under the Rewards menu

🐾 Select “Login / Register” next to the bag at the top left

🐾 Create an account at checkout by selecting the option by your email address.

create account

Information we collect includes your account name, email address and dog’s date of birth (optional). An email will be sent to you to confirm your account and create a password.

What type of rewards can I earn? 

We offer two type of rewards when you shop at Canine Crazies. Dog Dollars and Pack Points! In addition, through your participation in Canine Crazies in the Den Facebook Group, you will have opportunities to earn more rewards through sharing the love of your dogs, contests and giveaways.

dog dollar earned points           pack ponts earn

What types of rewards can I receive?

Rewards earned include coupons off your next purchase and VIP Pack Status.

what you can earn

How can I check my rewards balance? 

To check your rewards balance please visit “My Rewards” in the Rewards menu. You can also verify under My Account – Loyalty and Rewards.

rewards balance

How can I redeem my rewards? 

There are two methods to redeem rewards. Discounts you qualify for will be hilighted in green.

🐾  Coupons and Free Shipping: For dog dollars rewards, you can manually clip coupons available to points. These coupons must be unlock and apply prior to check out.

avalible rewards

🐾 VIP Status: For Pack Status Points (Omega, Beta or Alpha) your discount will be applied automatically every time you check out. Once you achieve this status, this discount is perpetual.

rewards you can earn

 Can I transfer my rewards to another doggie friend? 

Unfortunately no. Rewards can only be applied to one account. However, you are more than welcome to purchase gifts for a doggie friend with your rewards account.

What if I cancel or return an order, will my rewards be deducted? 

Unfortunately yes. All refunds and returns will result in a deduction of your rewards account for that order.

Does shipping fees apply to the rewards? 

The total value of the rewards is for the items purchase and does not include shipping costs.

Can I cash in my rewards? 

Rewards do not have a cash value.

Do rewards expire? 

There is no expiration on your rewards account.

My rewards account was not credited, how can I fix this issue? 

Please reach out to us on the chat box on the website or visit the contact us page.