Homemade All Natural Dog Treats

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Rocky and a Rollin’ House of Chews is a homemade all natural pet treat business. As an animal loving, family-owned business with one priority – to bake homemade all-natural treats using only high quality ingredients with no sugars or preservatives. All of their treats are made in small batches that are hand-cut, oven-baked to perfection and then dehydrated to provide a longer lasting crunchy treat! Because our fur babies deserve nothing but the best!!

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A few years ago Marybeth needed to limit certain foods from her pup, Rocky’s diet due to allergies, she started making her own homemade dog treats. Her dogs loved them and she knew exactly what they were eating! She eventually expanded her recipes and her pups and 15 other “treat samplers” loved what she had to offer!!

When her baby, Rocky got sick and passed away, she decided to continue with her baking and name her business in his honor. Rocky loved to dance with her. Every time he saw her dancing in her kitchen he would come running in jump on her and they would dance! “Rocky And A Rollin’ House of Chews” was born! And every treat that is created is named after a song to go along with their theme!

If you are looking for healthy all-natural treats with no added preservatives, you have come to the right place. Baked fresh daily!! ALWAYS FRESH ALL TIME…THAT’S HOW THEY ROLL!

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